2018 Portland Indy Volunteer Signup

Just to let you know that sign up for the Portland Indycar race is now open on Motorsportreg: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/grand-prix-of-portland-volunteers-intl-raceway-friends-pir-112499


Join Green Savoree Racing Promotions & Friends of PIR for the Grand Prix of Portland event, August 31 – September 1-2, 2018 at Portland International Raceway.

2018 Vancouver International Autoshow

It is car show time again, and we need to have track volunteers (META, E-crew, etcetera) covering all shifts at the Vancouver International Auto Show  which runs from March 28 through April 1, 2018. If you can put in a four hour shift sign up on Doodle Calendar.
Shifts we still need a META member to cover are:

• Wed 4:30-9:30
• Thurs 9:30-1:30
• Fri 5:30-9:30
• Sat 9:30-1:30
• Sat 5:30-9:30

We would like to see 2 track volunteers cover the META display during each shift if at all possible