CACC has once again secured a prime booth in the Vancouver International Auto Show. This booth is for ALL CACC member clubs to utilize in order to promote our sports and our clubs.

To date I have not had sufficient response to properly man the booth nor to help with set up and take down.

I considered cancelling the booth but we would not get a refund…

Sports car Club has contributed to the cost of the booth, other clubs are welcome to contribute what they are able.

Clubs are able to hand out brochures (or at least make information available)

I am currently working on

  • a list of available cars to choose from (we have room for 3 or 4)
  • a “design” for the booth
  • large screen or TV(s) for displays of videos and slide shows
  • I need input from clubs (videos or action shots)
  • If you have a car to display please email me a picture. I had to scramble to find one more!
  • Club Banners and/or brochures are welcome! DON”T HAVE ANY AT THE MOMENT!

I can use help in any of these areas, suggestions are welcome.

There are lots of times available for manning the booth, never too many people to chat with the 100,000 people going by our display… it is your chance to spotlight your club and your sport!

The Doodle calendar link is here:

You click on the link and enter your name, very simple! Exhibitor badges this year need a picture, I need your email address so I can send information about where and when to pick up your badge. EMAIL me please!

Info is available on the CACC Facebook page, feel free to send the link to all of your members and post on your pages. Please pass this along to any other clubs and members!

Let’s make this a big boost for our sport and our clubs!


Mike Kaerne
Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs


Not All Soldiers Were As Lucky As The Late Sion Davies

Sion Robin Davies
Born July 1934 in Wales, died May 24, 2016


Royal air force regiment 510 8592

Sion enlisted in the RAF regiment in January 1952, receiving basic training at RAF Catterick, along with junior garner and grown defense training before graduating as corporal. He joined the 11 Wing RAF Kimpo Airfield, Korea in 1952. He fought along side the Republic of Douth Korean army and the US 1st Calvary south of Osan, during the retreat to Nuttang River. There his unit took up defence of Pussan. It was during these actions that he was awarded the military medal. When British and US forces advanced north, 11 Wing joined the 27 Battalion and he was promoted to Pilot Officer.

For more on the late Sion Davies see page 4 of the November 2016 issue of the Mayday