Next VRCBC Meeting

VRCBC Monthly Meeting Tuesday Aug 18th

The VRCBC have unfortunately cancelled many meetings so far this year, so They would like to go ahead with this one as an outdoor meeting at the Burnaby Rugby Club. Bring your own folding chair, refreshments, and bug and BS repellent. Clearly this will be weather dependent, so check their website from to the time. Also it will start at 7:00 pm so that darkness does not overcome the proceedings.

Burnaby Lake Rugby Club, 3760 Sperling Ave, Burnaby

The April META Meeting Has Been Cancelled


The META Executive has cancelled the April META meeting.

The executive is following the BC Health Ministers recommendations as well as to some extent is being proactive, and will try to keep our membership posted via email of other cancellations that affect our Membership. At this point it appears most if not all racing events will be cancelled until the risks of the COVID-19 virus diminishes.