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50th Anniversary Dinner Tickets

On August 19 META will be celebrating our 50th anniversary with a streak dinner at our clubhouse (by the Road Racing Tech area at Mission Raceway Park) after the race day on Saturday, August 19, 2023

Racers, members past and present, and others are welcome to join us.

Tickets are $40.00 for non-members and must be prepaid.


Quantity of Dinner Tickets

50th Anniversary Patches

These need to be ordered (and picked up) at the track at lunchtime on an SCCBC or VRCBC race weekend. Go to the META clubhouse near the Tech shack (it faces the Tech area). Patches are $10.00 each and come with two 50th-anniversary stickers.


  • META decals (and other merchandise) are available at the track on race days
    (see a META executive member at noon in the META clubhouse at Mission Raceway).

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