Safety In Motorsports

Electric Vehicle Safety on the Race Track

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From SCCBC Forum:

Thought you might be interested in a new car that we are building. It has the motor from a Tesla Model S, the battery pack from a Kia Soul EV, a custom CAD designed chassis and suspension, and a classic Shelby Cobra body!

The motor has 310kW peak power and 600 nM torque from 0-6000 RPM – gradually tapering off until the 16,000 RPM redline! However, it does remain to be seen how long the motor can be run without Power Limiting itself due to overheating. This will be one of the key areas of development & testing for 2017.

Battery pack is a 30kW-hr unit from a Kia Soul EV. Initially we will run Time Attack & Autocross sessions due to the shorter run length. Eventually, we will run some selected races at reduced power levels. Battery run time and length to recharge between sessions are all issues we will be battling with.

The car is being built to GT standards (Shelby Cobras are classified as GT1 cars) and will probably run as a GTO car. Total weight with driver should be in the 1800 pound range






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