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The August META Meeting is on Zoom.

The next META meeting scheduled for September 23, 2020 at 7:30 pm will be by Zoom only. The meeting room at the ABC restaurant is still closed.

If you do not receive an email by 2 days before the meeting with the Zoom meeting details contact me (Vice President) with this form.

Please Watch Here For Updates on Roadracing Related News in BC Mon, 30 Mar 2020 16:57:54 +0000 Continue reading "Please Watch Here For Updates on Roadracing Related News in BC"]]> What are you dong to keep yourself sane while spending extended hours at home?

The META Webmaster, and probably the executive, would like to hear about what you are doing to kill time if you are among the non essential workers that are penned up at home during this Pandemic. Contact me using this webform.

Your Webmaster/Vice President is taking online courses (between watching Netflix) to keep himself occupied while under doctor ordered quarantine, soon to become government mandated quarantine.

Our applause goes out to those on the frontlines caring for those that have become infected with COVID-19.

Electric Vehicle Safety on the Race Track Fri, 05 May 2017 08:17:46 +0000 Continue reading "Electric Vehicle Safety on the Race Track"]]> Presented by Doug Yip &

From SCCBC Forum:

Thought you might be interested in a new car that we are building. It has the motor from a Tesla Model S, the battery pack from a Kia Soul EV, a custom CAD designed chassis and suspension, and a classic Shelby Cobra body!

The motor has 310kW peak power and 600 nM torque from 0-6000 RPM – gradually tapering off until the 16,000 RPM redline! However, it does remain to be seen how long the motor can be run without Power Limiting itself due to overheating. This will be one of the key areas of development & testing for 2017.

Battery pack is a 30kW-hr unit from a Kia Soul EV. Initially we will run Time Attack & Autocross sessions due to the shorter run length. Eventually, we will run some selected races at reduced power levels. Battery run time and length to recharge between sessions are all issues we will be battling with.

The car is being built to GT standards (Shelby Cobras are classified as GT1 cars) and will probably run as a GTO car. Total weight with driver should be in the 1800 pound range

Not All Soldiers Were As Lucky As The Late Sion Davies Fri, 11 Nov 2016 04:35:32 +0000 Continue reading "Not All Soldiers Were As Lucky As The Late Sion Davies"]]> Sion Robin Davies
Born July 1934 in Wales, died May 24, 2016


Royal air force regiment 510 8592

Sion enlisted in the RAF regiment in January 1952, receiving basic training at RAF Catterick, along with junior garner and grown defense training before graduating as corporal. He joined the 11 Wing RAF Kimpo Airfield, Korea in 1952. He fought along side the Republic of Douth Korean army and the US 1st Calvary south of Osan, during the retreat to Nuttang River. There his unit took up defence of Pussan. It was during these actions that he was awarded the military medal. When British and US forces advanced north, 11 Wing joined the 27 Battalion and he was promoted to Pilot Officer.

For more on the late Sion Davies see page 4 of the November 2016 issue of the Mayday

META is Selling Cold Fire™ Tue, 17 Nov 2015 07:38:46 +0000 Continue reading "META is Selling Cold Fire™"]]> Cold Fire Canada

An opportunity to support META and at the same time protect your life and your property! META is currently selling 400ml cans of Cold Fire™, the Eco-friendly fire extinguisher, to the general public for only $22 each including all taxes. Buy one for your home, your car and/or your boat, or even as a gift.

Contact: Ann Peters at 604-581-7189 to order your supply.

coldfire-cansCheck the Cold Fire™ website for more information about the product.